Solar power is our future

The Stone Age did not end because the world had run out of stones. The oil age will not end because humanity will run out of oil. The introduction of renewable energy is the next step in the development of mankind, and in particular energy. For the first time in the history of electricity generation, the share of generation from renewable sources in 2020 (in Europe) was higher than the share of electricity extracted from fuel. This growth was due to the expansion of the use of wind and solar electricity, the volume of which has almost doubled since 2015.

Last year, EU countries continued to increase the installed capacity of alternative energy, in particular, the largest increase of 104% was achieved in the segment of solar power plants. Our state has set clear strategic goals for the development of renewable energy, including 11% of RES in final energy consumption by 2020 and 25% in primary energy supply by 2035. According to the results of 10 months of 2020, the installed capacity of WPPs and SES is 1.11 GW and 5.98 GW, and the actual production is 2.57 billion kWh and 5.78 billion kWh, respectively. In total, the alternative energy sector of Ukraine has 881 business entities for which "green" are installed for electricity generated at electricity facilities. The volume of capacity operating at RES will this year grow to a record 198 gigawatts, which will be 4% compared to last year.

The use of renewable energy resources has many advantages, among which the main ones consider practical inexhaustibility and ecological purity that positively influences ecological state on the planet and does not cause a change in the energy balance in the biosphere. In case of use Renewable energy sources also reduce the negative impact of processes extraction, processing, transportation of traditional fuels and there is no need for disposal a large amount of hazardous waste generated by traditional energy production

Limited Liability Company «LIG AGRO» is an enterprise that works in the field of alternative power engineering and is a member of «LE GROUP».

Limited Liability Company «LIG AGRO» has been working in the field of renewable energy for 4 years. In 2015, the implementation of the project of construction of the «Ground-based Photoelectric Solar Power Plant «Ozerna»». The solar power plant was put into exploitation at the end of  2016 and since March 2017 has been producing green electricity and selling it at a green tariff. Limited Liability Company «LIG AGRO» is a member of the Ukrainian Renewable Energy Association.


Main events:

  • November 2016 – putting the object «Ground-based Photoelectric Solar Power Plant «Ozerna»» into exploitation;
  • December 2016 – obtaining a license for electricity production, a «green» tariff and conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale of electricity at the «green» tariff with SE «Energorynok»;
  • March 2017 - start of working «Ground-based Photoelectric Solar Power Plant «Ozerna»»;
  • April 2017 - grand opening «Ground-based Photoelectric Solar Power Plant «Ozerna»»;
  • May 2019 - Successful passing of National Commission for the State Regulation of Energy and Utilities of compliance with licensing conditions for electricity producers;
  • June 2019 - obtaining a new license for electricity production and signing a contract for the purchase and sale of electricity at a «green» tariff with the SE «Guaranteed Buyer».




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